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Banana Ride at Bharathpur Beach

Banana Boat Rides are one of the major attractions, other than being in the Bharatpur beach. Bharatpur Banana Boat Rides is one the funniest Water Sports in Andaman. An inflatable boat resembling the shape of a banana is used for Banana Boat Rides in Bharatpur. This boat is linked to a speed boat. 4 to 6 people can be seated in one banana boat. The boat throws off the passengers as soon as the speed boat sprints across the sea. Sometimes, you would find yourself being flung into the water even before you have hardly started off the beach. After being thrown into the surf, the passengers pull themselves back into the banana boat and start afresh. All passengers taking Banana Boat Rides in Bharatpur wear a life jacket for safety reasons. This is one of the parts of the adventure of being in Andaman.

Jetski ride at Bharathpur Beach

Jet Ski in Bharatpur is probably one among the foremost casual water sports you Associate The jet ski ride starts from the beach and takes you into the deeper waters around the space, to allow you to ride the waves and refresh yourself within the splash of cold H2O. A usual ride is of ten minutes and prices office five hundred. Jet athletics at Bharatpur Beach You are perpetually in the middle of the rider for optimum safety and luxury therefore you'll be able to simply relax and revel in the joy while not caring within the world. you'll be able to simply realize vendors on the correct place of the beach. enjoy the sea make colorful memories and this Bharatpur jetski adds to one of the wonderful memories of life.

Normal Glass bottom ride at Bharathpur Beach

Normal glass-bottom ride at Bharatpur beach is a stunning white sand beach enclosed by woodland with one hundred eighty degrees clear read of a vibrant ocean. Take a glass-bottom boat to travel 100-200 meters within the ocean and luxuriate in the beautiful marine life beneath your feet. In all probability, the foremost stunning glass-bottom boat ride within the Andaman is in Bharatpur.

Scuba Diving (Boat Dive)

Bharatpur is like an umbrella city for tourists. It has space for every sort of adventure lover. There are various amazing deals for everyone including beginners and professionals. If you wish to scuba dive, the trainer teaches you underwater gestures and other safety and driving techniques, and then you are all set to booze around the aquatic beauty.

Snorkeling at Bharathpur Beach

Their square measures tons of activities that help you rejuvenate however no different activity is as recreational as snorkeling although Bharatpur is understood for the golden sand beaches, nature, and also numerous water sports, however, nothing is as charming as snorkeling. individuals from places visit Bharatpur to relish the simplest moments of their lives. Snorkeling is nothing however taking a better read of the marine world employing a snorkel. you'll be jam-choked with safety instrumentality and target-hunting by a coach, you'll be taken to the aquatic world. This can be an associate degree out of the planet expertise.