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Alfred Caves

The Alfred Caves is a collection of 41 unexplored limestone caves. It is situated near Ramnagar Beach at a distance of about 35 km from the town of Diglipur. It takes an entire day to complete the trip to all the caves and return to our accommodation. To complete this trip you need to depart early in the morning and return before the sunset. While traveling from Port Blair to Diglipur if you take a halt and visit the Limestone Caves in Baratang, then it will be a great experience where you can say The Limestone Caves is a baby version of the Alfred Caves in Baratang.

Craggy Island

Craggy Island in Diglipur & Around Save Share A speck of an island off Kalipur Beach, Craggy may be a great place for snorkeling. Very strong swimmers can make it across, in good conditions only (flippers recommended); otherwise, a little motorized boat (3000 return) runs here from Aerial Bay, on the road from Diglipur to Kalipur. Boats don't operate if the weather is bad and the seas are rough.

Kalipur Beach

Kalipur beach is just behind the Kalipur village which is quite famous for turtle nesting. It is situated near Diglipur bazaar. The beach is very safe and can find security guards all time near the beach to safeguard the turtles. Kalipur Beach is the turtle’s home for laying eggs and hatching from all the places of North & Middle Andamans. Due to that, you may able to witness very rare species of turtles on the Kalipur beach. The best time to visit the place is from  November End to March Mid every year. Animal husbandry has very specific care and arrangements to preserve all the turtles’ eggs. From the stage of laying eggs, hatching and swimming back to the ocean they help to maintain its healthy condition.

Lamiya Bay Beach

The beach lies just 3 km ahead of Kalipur beach which is located on the foothills of Saddle peak, the highest peak in the archipelago. Lamiya beach gives you a scenic and truly unique experience with clear water, polished pebbles laid down the shorelines. It also gives you a feeling of standing on a largely isolated island. Lamiya Bay beach is very near to Kalipur Beach and just a couple of kilometers away from Saddle Peak National Park which is known for many rare species of flora and fauna.

Mud Volcano

A green jungle of Shyamnagar at Diglipur, which is Located near Hathilevel at a distance of 20 km from Diglipur.You need to trek for 15 minutes in the semi-evergreen forests to witness the Mud volcano. For your information, Mud volcano or Mud dome is a landform created by the eruption of mud, water and gases. In the beginning, you will be seeing all the bigger and resting volcanoes. While you walk by you will be noticing all the smaller and newly erupting volcanoes. There are some seats made of fallen trees and natural bamboo trees for all the visitors and travelers to sit, relax and move ahead.

Ramnagar Beach

Ramnagar Beach is a wonderful beach for swimmers and trekkers. It is located at a distance of 35 km from Diglipur. Swimming is allowed on the beach which lets you spend more time and refresh in the beautiful beach with the surrounding natural tropical forest where you trek through the trails for a while to experience nature along with the sandy beach nearby. There are some beach amenities like Eco-huts, Log sofas and bamboo chairs to feel natural with eco-friendly all over Ramnagar Beach.

Ross and Smith Island

Ross and Smith Island are also known as a Twin Island which is connected by a white sand bar and famous for its Marine Sanctuary on the island where some rare collection of coral reefs and colorful fish species and one of the must-visit place for the travelers visiting Diglipur. Marine Sanctuary is closed on Tuesdays. Sometimes, wild elephants inhabited in the forests may also come around which will be a visual treat for the eyes. Travelers can also enjoy some interesting activities like Scuba Diving, Swimming and Snorkeling on both islands. When there’s a low tide, you can walk from one island to another. High tide will show the two separate islands covered by the sea.

Saddle Peak

Saddle peak is well known for its highest peak in North Andaman Island which is 731 m, it is the highest point of the archipelago in the Bay of Bengal gives a wonderful aerial view. We have also been addressed while mentioned about Alfred caves. The place is surrounded by Saddle Peak National Park and is located near Diglipur. The National park is famous for its rare, unique and endangered species of flora and fauna. Also, the steps made from old trees give the trekking experience very natural to the visitors who climb with the surrounding thick and lush tropical rainforest.

Turtle Nesting

Ramnagar Beach is also one of the turtle nesting areas like Kalipur beach, that's the reason the beach closes at 5 pm and no one is allowed to walk on the sand afterward. However, Ramnagar beach gives a different experience than Kalipur beach; some of the travelers might not travel to Ramnagar beach if they’ve limited days and visit Kalipur beach where some great resorts are nearby.