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Butler Bay Beach

Butler Bay seashore is an invigorating seashore of pristine beauty. It is placed in Little Andamans. The seashore boasts of awesome sunshine, calm surroundings, non-violent mild seas and those shape specific elements of vacationers attractions. The wealthy tradition of wildlife, marine lifestyles and the everyday island plant life and fauna act because of the principal gadgets of financial and vacationer improvement of the island. The consistent and calm water of the ocean around this seaside makes it perfect for the hordes of surfers dashing in from all internationally to enjoy the best-in-elegance browsing expedition.

Kalapather Beach

Kalapathar beach at Hutbay. Black rocky limestone formations are dotted right along this sandy beach making it different from other islands' beaches. Blocks of high rocks on one side form a circular pool that fills with water at high water and allows calm baths within the warm sea. However, proper swimming or snorkeling isn't possible on Kalapathar thanks to sharp rocks and powerful currents. If you climb the rocks and manage to squeeze yourself through the little path, you'll enjoy the glimpse of the neighboring Butler Bay.

Light House by Trek

Lighthouse trek is an amazing way to climb up to the lighthouse and enjoy the view from the top corner of the light House this can be done by trekkers and also freshers which gives the strength to enjoy the beauty of nature climbing up the lighthouse is hard but after reaching the view is the amazing part if lighthouse trek no tiredness will matter after feeling the Fresh breeze from the beach to the person who enjoys the nature and love trek should try the amazing packages provided for the trek.

White Surf Waterfall

White Surf Falls is a tropical waterfall. Tucked amidst dense tropical rainforests, this waterfall is situated about 7 km from the Hut Bay town in Little Andaman. One of the most tourist attractions of Little Andaman, the White Surf Falls wants to be an enormous waterfall before the tsunami hits Little Andaman. It is beautiful even today, but locals say that the waterfall broke into two smaller ones post the tsunami earthquake and doesn't carry the maximum amount of water as earlier. That said, I did visit this place Earlier, this year during my backpacking trip to the Andaman Islands, and that I was very proud of what I saw. The entire place was clean and wearing lovely green. There have been hardly any people around and therefore, rehearsing the deep woods to the waterfall was an enjoyable experience. The place was crammed with the sound of nature, and it felt as if nature existed in its purest form here. I even trekked to the highest of this waterfall through slippery terrain to succeed in a little pool, where the stream settled before falling like a waterfall. During my trek to the falls, I noticed signboards that said, "Watch out for the crocodile", but as my luck would have it, didn't see any of those amazing creatures.