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Guitar Island

The Guitar Island Beach is one of the rarest visited island beaches among the Andaman and Nicobar group of Islands. The individuality of this island is thanks to its shape of the guitar which is clear to ascertain from aerial view by taking a seaplane ride from Andaman. it had been a protected rainforest and coral-bearing area within the Long Island group. Today, it's gaining popularity because the Andaman tourist department allows for each day trip visit. it's one among the superb beaches to go to by all ages of individuals. you'll see an alluring change in seawater color from this white sandy beach. It is a neat and clean beach as this island is uninhabited by Andaman tribes, villagers or by the forest department.

Lallaji Bay Beach

Lalaji Bay Beach Lalaji Bay beach, the pride of Andaman is found within the West Coast of Long Island. The beach is synonymous with beautiful sandy coastlines and peaceful vibes that create the beach a stunning site to go to. The Bay beach is accessible by standard ferries from Rangat and Central Andaman. The ferries take you through the unique Mangrove creek lined thanks to the beach that puts together a special experience. For people that are aficionados of excellent beach dive and people who like to enjoy sans the gang, Lalaji is unquestionably an area to be. The sparsely crowded beach also endows you with beautiful carroty sunsets and dolphins hurtling their way back to the ocean. If you're trying to find an area within the Andaman Islands to relax and rejuvenate the white sandy beach is often your stop. you'll also hire a dinghy or take a trek which takes about 2 hours leading through the jungles to succeed on the beach.

Mark Bay Beach

Mark Bay Beach Sun, sand and an extended beach, this is often the right description for Mark Bay Island in Andaman. Located on the North Passage Island, on the brink of Straight Island and Long Island, Mark Bay Beach is far away from the standard tourist crowd. Since North Passage Island is an uninhabited island, the beach retains its clear blue water with a fascinating view of a spread of colorful fish underneath and creates a gorgeous contrast with the clean white sand for miles. Enjoy undisturbed long walks, take a shower within the clear, deep, blue water, spend some quality time with friends and family far away from the tourists and, if lucky, witness playful dolphins that are present in plenty on this island.