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Limestone cave

Limestone Caves is the maximum well-liked enchantment in Baratang. Its particular call is the primary cause why humans get interested in it due to the fact the concept of traveling to a crumpled island vacation spot is a fascinating & adventurous one. The Limestone Caves are decorated with formations made from limestone. Inside the cave, the temperature decreases than outside. The cave consists of lovely formations. Once a manual, at the same time as guiding us in the cave mentioned: "Your creativity even as seeing those formations will deliver a face and call to them". Doesn't that sound enthralling? Limestone is generally made of the mineral calcite (calcium carbonate). Limestone may be very soluble, which means it's miles without problems dissolved. Rainwater selections up carbon dioxide withinside the air and a vulnerable answer of carbonic acid are formed. This water can dissolve limestone over time, developing a cave

Mud Volcano

A short ride from the Nilambur jetty and another 160m walk up a rocky path are what it takes to succeed in the mud volcanoes. These small muddy craters are created by natural gases emitted by decaying organic matter underground that push mud upwards. Please note that this is often not a visually stunning sight, as most of the days there's just a pile of dried or small bubbling puddles of mud. However, Andaman is one among the few places within the world where these Volcanoes are found and you'll thus want to offer it a visit.  

Parrot Island

The spell-binding Parrot Island is the superb dwelling house of hundreds of parrots. They go away the island at around dawn and once more come lower back round sundown growing a flurry of active sports and the island appears to quiver inexperienced with the parrots returning to their abodes. It is a haven for chook watchers, nature lovers, curious vacationers and enthusiastic naturalists. This island is taken into consideration because it is the maximum lovely island of Baratang vicinity and is uninhabited. Its splendor emanates from its feathered inhabitants, the suitable parakeets. A boat experience across the island offers an incredible view of the island in addition to the sundown spreads its heat golden glow and creates for a surreal splendor this is heavenly. Parrot Island is located 30 kilometers from the Baratang Jetty.